Product Benefits

How does 13E benefit my indoor and outdoor crop yield and health?

Because 13E is a nanoscale foliar fertilizer, the particle size is between 1 to 30 nanometers (1 nanometer is one-millionth of a millimeter). The unique nanoscale formulation of 13E has a number of advantages over other formulations with larger particle sizes. For example, smaller particles are able to better penetrate the leaves of your plants through the stomata, which makes the nutrients and micronutrients in 13E able to yield a more efficient photosynthesis. Also, because smaller particles have a much larger surface area, less product is needed, making 13E more effective than other foliar fertilizing products with lower overall cost to increase crop yield.

In addition to effectively providing much-needed nutrients and micronutrients to your indoor plants, 13E benefits balanced crop nutrition by allowing just the right amount of essential nutrients and micronutrients to facilitate maximum growth potential. Because the growth of your indoor plants can be limited by a lack of any of the essential micronutrients found in 13E, even when all other nutrients are present, it is of utmost importance that your crops receive balanced nutrition. 13E can ensure that balance when your indoor and outdoor plants are sprayed once weekly with our nanoscale formula.

Subjective results of 13E during the bloom cycle of indoor plants show larger, denser and noticeably more aromatic flowers after being sprayed once weekly from week 4 of a 9-week flowering cycle. Using 13E as an indoor grow feed system can yield similar results from hobbyists and professional growers alike. Your indoor and outdoor gardens will receive the essential nutrients and micronutrients that boost their crop yield to the fullest potential, thanks to the unique nanoscale formulation of 13E.

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By using the innovative nanoscale formulation of 13E to deliver the nutrients and micronutrients your indoor plants need, you will witness a noticeable change in the size, health and density of your crops, without having to use more product to get the results you want. For maximum benefit to your indoor plants, 13E is everything you’ve been looking for in an indoor grow feed system.