Growing cannabis requires commitment. The first and biggest mistake most people make when growing cannabis is refusing to realize all that goes into growing this type of plant. Yes, there are a lot of benefits from growing cannabis, but, like any other venture you might pursue, make sure you are fully aware of all that is required.

Once the commitment is understood and made, there are a few other mistakes you will want to avoid in order to have a great and rewarding cannabis growing experience:

Not enough research – fortunately, a lot of research has been done on how to grow a successful cannabis plant. But, when that research is not explored, many mistakes are made that could easily be avoided. For beginners, a checklist might be helpful so nothing gets overlooked. Ask trusted individuals what has worked for them.

Improper setup – Every plant needs a good start. This also applies to cannabis. Whether you’ve made the decision to grow your plants in soil, hydroponics or by some other method, make sure your plants get off to a great start by having the proper setup. For instance, don’t settle for anything less than using the right soil if your plants are using this method. And, avoid taking any short cuts when choosing to grow your plants using the hydroponic method.

Not examining your plants often enough  – cannabis plants are easily susceptible to pests. To avoid the devastation that can come with a pest infestation, examine your plants regularly. This will be the difference between a high yield experience and one that becomes frustrating and discouraging.

Low quality seeds – all seeds are not created equal, so make sure the seeds you use are high quality. This can be determined by whether they have dark coloring, a waxy coating, a hard shell and no cracks. Possibly you can even soak them in hot water (not too hot) to make sure they sink. If they do, they are probably okay to use. Possibly a seed could be germinated to see if and how it grows.

Premature harvest – cannabis plants must be harvested only at the right time to get the right results. Although it is always tempting to harvest the plants early, allowing the plants to mature will result in the highest, most flavorful yield possible.

Overwatering – do not make the mistake of simply overwatering your plants. Yes, cannabis plants need water, but these plants use their roots to soak up oxygen and too much water can cause the plant to become discolored or droopy.

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