The goal of every cannabis grower is to have the highest, most flavorful yield. This often leads to a keen interest in the best cannabis growing tips. Common questions are then asked, like: “Should my cannabis be grown using the hydroponic method or the soil method? And exactly what are the best cannabis growing tips?”

The first tip to growing cannabis hydroponically or in soil is to consider your lifestyle and goals. Fortunately, cannabis can be grown in several different ways, so there are many choices available. For instance, do you live in a place where space is limited? If so, hydroponics will work great for you. If your main focus is the overall organic look and great flavor, you might enjoy growing cannabis in Mother Earth’s wonderful soil.

For those considering growing cannabis using the soil method, enough research has now been collected to help you out and has now come to these conclusions. Soil-grown cannabis is:


  • More forgiving
  • Easier to manage
  • Has better flavor


The downside of growing soil-grown cannabis is that:


  • Problems are not easily identified
  • Yields are less
  • Results are slower


Because soil is composed of organic materials and minerals, as well as water and air,

it is naturally more nutritious. The plant’s roots absorb these nutrients easily from the soil. However, overwatering is the number one issue when dealing with a soil process. Because overwatering is such a stifling process, effective drainage must be in place.

A hydroponic garden uses an artificial setting where nutrients are not naturally available. Instead, nutrients are added to the water that then feeds the plants.

Benefits from growing cannabis in a hydroponic garden include:


  • Nutrient amounts that are easier to control
  • Yields that are higher
  • Growth that is faster


The downside of using the hydroponic method is that:


  • The yield might not be as flavorful
  • The cost is initially higher
  • More attention is required


  Either way, you will want to make sure you follow the following cannabis growing tips:

For a soil garden:

  • Use high-quality soil
  • Use high-quality seeds
  • Have adequate light and ventilation
  • Do not overwater
  • Do not harvest too early


For a hydroponic garden:

  • Know the equipment you need
  • Know and use only high-quality seeds
  • Know the nutrients needed and only use the best
  • Know the right amount of light
  • Know when to harvest


For questions or more information on how to grow a high-yield cannabis plant, contact today.