foliar fertilizer for bigger plant yields

13E Cannabis Foliar Fertilizer

At 13E, we know green, and we like to believe that as long as we have science on our side, anyone can have a green thumb. If you’re underwhelmed by the overall lack of tastiness in your buds, or if crops you harvest need a little help reaching their maximum potential, our nanoscale foliar fertilizing system can help with that. If your plants are already lush and beautiful, 13E cannabis foliar fertilizer can help take them to the next level with our plant nutrients. Think of us as a helping hand for Mother Nature’s finest gift!

If you are feeling frustrated with the lack of bloom, output or density from your crops, despite your best and most careful efforts to nurture them, we have a solution for you. Sometimes it takes more than know-how, experience and even careful tending to make your garden grow. With the nanoscale nutrients and micronutrients present in each spray of 13E, your plants will receive what they need to grow and thrive beyond your wildest dreams, right where it is needed most.

How does this stuff work?

Allow us to drop a little science on you. The plant nutrients in 13E are unique in that they are delivered directly to the stomata on the leaves of your plants as a foliar spray, which helps the plants to absorb these essential nutrients up to 80% more efficiently than traditional fertilizers, which bury their nutrients in the soil for absorption. For maximum effectiveness with none of the environmental side effects associated with traditional soil fertilizers, 13e is the clear choice of professional growers and hobbyists alike.

With 13E, the nanoscale nutrients are completely absorbed by the plants, meaning no runoff which can be hazardous to the environment. This cannot be said of traditional soil fertilizers. Additionally, plants which are treated with 13E need less water because of the increased photosynthesis efficiency, which helps conserve our valuable resources. Besides being environmentally-friendly, 13E is also completely non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets. Everybody wins!

Purchase 13e Today

For a fast, effective and environmentally-sound way to boost the growth potential of your crops, 13E is everything you need in a foliar feed system. Newbies and seasoned grow vets alike can benefit from what 13E has to offer. Contact us today to get started with 13E cannabis fertilizer, and get set to have your mind blown!