To create the proper setup for the growth of your cannabis plant—particularly with the goal of yielding bigger buds, the most important step is to include a high-quality cannabis fertilizer, one with a 2.5% density.

Why are bigger buds important? Because the buds of the cannabis plant contain the highest amounts of tetrahyrdrocannabinol, (THC), the chemical compound known for creating the pleasurable effects desired.

To go along with the 2.5% density cannabis fertilizer, these other steps must be part of the setup for a successful cannabis plant:

  • Choose high quality, reputable seeds—not all cannabis seeds are created equally, which is why great care should be given when selecting the right seed to produce the most successful plant.
  • Provide enough space—buds need access to air to be able to grow, so make sure enough space is provided.
  • Establish a rich nutrient environment—whether growing cannabis in soil or hydroponically, a plant will not thrive unless it is grown in a nutrient-rich environment. Not only does plant fertilizer create a healthy plant, but the growth process is sped up, which allows more time for buds to grow to their largest size possible.
  • Include the correct pH balance—in order for a plant to absorb all of its nutrients properly, the correct pH balance must be in place at the plant’s roots, with 6 being optimal.
  • Sufficient lighting—One of the main reasons buds fail to grow is improper lighting during the flowering period.
  • Correct temperature—simply stated, plants that are too hot or too cold will not grow correctly, flowers will wilt and buds will shrink.
  • Proper vegetative period—during this period when the plant is beginning to establish itself, using the right nutrients is vital, particularly nitrogen. Nitrogen is key to a plant’s initial stage of growth.
  • Quality flowering process—during this time when the delicate flowering process takes place, a fertilizer rich in phosphorous is most important.  
  • Necessary pruning—Dead, or yellow, leaves will suck the nutrients right out of a plant and must be removed as needed, in order for the nutrients to go to other, more important, parts of the plant.
  • Avoid premature harvesting—in order for buds to reach their maximum size, harvesting too early must be avoided.  

With the help of all the experts at, growing a healthy cannabis plant with healthier, bigger buds is now possible.