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foliar fertilizer for bigger plant yields

13Essentials Liquid Foliar Fertilizer Spray

At 13Essenials, or ‘13E’ as we affectionately nickname ourselves, we know green, and we like to believe that as long as we have science on our side, anyone can grow lush beautiful plants!

Our resident team of expert growers have tried and tested our product alongside the best of them and on all plants in all climates. We’ve seeked advice, guidance and results from top growers and the conclusion is clear. 13Essentials is the added nanoscale nutrient, the perfect additive to your normal fertilizer program. With micro and macro nutrients present, your plants grow and thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

Some reasons why growers have turned to 13E;

  • To protect the plant against common deficiencies by supplying nutrients at the foliar level
  • Increased growth for Bigger yields
  • To improve the plants structure and close internode stacking

If your plants are already lush and beautiful, 13Essentials liquid foliar fertilizer can help take them to the next level. Think of 13E as a helping hand for Mother Nature’s finest gift!


Our Top 10 Grower Issues E-book is a must have resource.

Product Benefits

How does 13Essentials benefit my indoor and outdoor crop yield and health?

  • A great source of Natural Silica.
  • Builds stronger branches to produce heavy yields
  • Improves stress resilience making the plant more resistant to environmental stress
  • Help builds a barrier to sap sucking pests
  • Delivers much need Nutrients to areas suffering from deficiencies and ensures optimum plant health


foliar fertilizer for bigger plant yields


Because 13E is a nanoscale foliar fertilizer, the particle size is between 1 to 30 nanometers (1 nanometer is one-millionth of a millimeter). The unique nanoscale formulation of 13E has a number of advantages over other formulations with larger particle sizes. For example, smaller particles are able to better penetrate the leaves of your plants through the stomata, which makes the nutrients in 13Essentials able to yield a more efficient nutrient absorption program. Also, because smaller particles have a much larger surface area, less product is needed, making 13E more effective than other foliar fertilizing products with lower overall cost to increase crop yield.

In addition to effectively providing much-needed nutrients and micronutrients to your plants, 13E benefits balanced crop nutrition by allowing just the right amount of essential nutrients and micronutrients to facilitate maximum growth potential. Because the growth of your plants can be limited by a lack of any of the essential nutrients found in 13Essentials, even when all other nutrients are present, it is of utmost importance that your crops receive balanced nutrition. 13Essentials can ensure that balance when your indoor and outdoor plants are sprayed once weekly with our nanoscale formula.

Subjective results of 13Essentials during the bloom cycle of indoor plants show;

  • Larger, denser and noticeably more aromatic flowers
  • Tastier fruits and vegetables

Depending on the plants you are growing, vegetables, can be sprayed once weekly from the first few weeks of bud set through early vegetation.

Fruiting plants can be sprayed with 13E throughout the entire grow cycle. Using 13E, an indoor grow feed system, can yield similar results from hobbyists and professional growers alike.

With 13E, the nanoscale nutrients are completely absorbed by the plants, meaning no runoff that can be hazardous to the environment. This cannot be said of traditional soil fertilizers. Additionally, plants that are treated with 13E require less water because of increased nutrient absorption helping to conserve one of our most valuable resources. Besides being environmentally-friendly, 13E is also completely non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets. Everybody wins!

Product Instructions

13Essentials is a revolutionary indoor/outdoor grow feed system that is as easy to use as it is effective. The balanced nanoscale foliar feeding system can be used for all plants, whether grown in soil, hydroponically, or via any other media such as coco. Once you begin using 13E in your grow regimen, you will begin to see dramatic improvement and noticeable results in plant growth when you follow these simple instructions for use:

  • Shake bottle of 13Essentials well before drawing the dose
  • Dilute 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of 13Essentials in one gallon of water to prepare the spray
  • 13Essentials should be applied as a spray on both sides of the leaves within 2 hours of mixing;
  • Once per week in the morning for outdoor plants
  • Once per week at the start of the lighting cycle for indoor plants
  • 13Essentials cannot be premixed with water for later use. Use any leftover mix on additional plants in your home or garden


foliar fertilizer for bigger plant yields

Our Top 10 Grower Issues E-book is a must have resource.

How does this stuff work?

Allow us to drop a little science on you.

Bioavailable silica in 13Essentials makes plants rigid and more erect leading to further increase in photosynthesis. Increased photosynthesis captures more carbon from the atmosphere and liquid carbon goes down to the root zone from where it oozes out to feed the microbial life. Microbes and fungi, fed on carbon, break down the bonds of chemicals which then become bioavailable to the plants and fix atmospheric nitrogen. In other words, 13E enhances the already-amazing natural process of plant photosynthesis by boosting the availability of the vital nutrients and micronutrients that work to aid the process.Your result = 13Essentials works to grow bigger, better plants! Think of it like health food for your crops- now that they’re eating right, they’re about to get buff!

The plant nutrients in 13E are unique in that they are delivered directly to the stomata on the leaves of your plants as a foliar spray, which helps the plants to absorb these essential nutrients up to 90% more efficiently than nutrients added to the soil or Hydroponic Reservoirs. For maximum effectiveness with none of the environmental side effects associated with fertilizer run off that pollute our planet, 13Essentials is the clear choice of professional growers and hobbyists alike. (its a side cart to your traditional fertilizing programs) 13E is going to up your game in the plant growing world. Look at silica shield. Your plants can only benefit in growth and health by adding 13Essentials to your regular fertilizing regime.

Purchase 13Essentials Today

For a fast, effective and environmentally-sound way to boost the growth potential of your crops, 13Essentials is everything you need in a foliar feed system. Newbies and seasoned grow vets alike can benefit from what 13essentials has to offer. Contact us today to get started with 13Essentials foliar fertilizer spray. We are confident 13Essentials is everything you’ve been looking for in an indoor / outdoor grow feed system.